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What I have Learned Moving to Tampa: The Art of Slowing Down in the Sunshine State

Tampa Adventures Cory Czemerda November 13, 2023


Embarking on a journey that spans a thousand miles is not merely a change in geography; it's a profound shift in lifestyle. Moving to Tampa, Florida has been an eye-opening experience, and the first lesson I've learned is a simple yet transformative one: I need to slow down. From the cadence of speech to the pace of life, Tampa has taught me the art of embracing a more relaxed rhythm.

Speak Slowly, Connect Deeply

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often find ourselves racing through conversations, eager to express our thoughts and move on to the next task. However, Tampa's laid-back atmosphere encourages a different approach. I've discovered that by slowing down my speech, I not only become more articulate but also create a space for genuine connection. In the unhurried exchange of words, there's room for understanding, empathy, and a deeper connection with those around me. 

Listening at the Tampa Tempo

Slowing down isn't just about how I express myself; it's also about how I absorb the world around me. Tampa has a unique way of inviting you to be present in the moment, to listen attentively to the rustle of palm leaves in the breeze and the gentle lapping of waves on the shore. By adopting the Tampa tempo in my listening, I've discovered nuances in conversations and a richer appreciation for the stories others share.

Time Takes Its Time

One of the most tangible aspects of the Floridian lifestyle is the emphasis on taking things slow. I've learned to leave my house with ample time to spare, allowing for unexpected detours and spontaneous moments. Whether it's a stroll through the historic Ybor City or a leisurely drive along Bayshore Boulevard, embracing the unhurried pace of Tampa has opened my eyes to the beauty of the journey itself.

Early Birds Catch the Serenity

In Tampa, the early bird catches not only the worm but also a slice of serenity. Waking up with the sun has become a cherished ritual, providing a quiet and peaceful start to the day. Whether it's sipping coffee on my porch or enjoying a sunrise walk along the beach, starting my day early allows me to set a positive tone and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds me.


Moving a thousand miles to Tampa has been a lesson in more than just geography; it's been a transformative experience in embracing a slower, more deliberate way of living. From the gentle lilt in my speech to the unhurried pace of my daily routine, Tampa has taught me the value of taking a step back and savoring each moment. As I continue to navigate this new chapter in my life, I carry with me the wisdom gained from the Sunshine State—to slow down, listen more deeply, and appreciate the beauty of a life well-lived at the Tampa tempo.

As I continue to navigate this new chapter in my life, I'm excited to share more insights and lessons learned along the way. Stay tuned for future posts as I uncover the richness of life in Tampa and the ongoing journey of personal growth. 

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